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Our tomorrow unfolds before us, and it has a vibrant new soul. On 10 April 2024, Italian sportiness will take another step on the road to reimagining its future. The new #AlfaRomeoMilano is arriving. #AlfaRomeo #EyesOnMI
A hymn to life, an invitation to understand that every moment we live matters and is essential to participating in a change, in a chapter of history. Join Prince Gyasi by transcending the ordinary and embracing the timeless allure of the 2024 #PirelliCalendar. Let us collectively weave memories that echo through the corridors of history, capturing the spirit of our era with every passing second.
Experience the captivating allure of Alberobello, the renowned 'town of the Trulli', as the backdrop for #DGAltaModa, and the essence of Ostuni, the historic 'White City', as a set for #DGAltaSartoria. Alberobello, a UNESCO World Heritage site nestled in the enchanting Val D'Itria, offers a picturesque village with a rich history. Meanwhile, Ostuni, perched on a hill, boasts ancient, whitewashed walls and watchtowers, creating a charming atmosphere. Both locations provide the perfect backdrop to showcase #DolceGabbana's heritage, craftsmanship, and tradition through authentic #MadeinItaly and #DGFattoaMano masterpieces.
Join us for a look behind the scenes of the Hyundai Reunion at Lake Como in Italy, where we brought a piece of 1970s nostalgia back into the spotlight: the 1974 Pony Coupe Concept! The highly anticipated concept car restoration was showcased alongside the new Pony Coupe-inspired N Vision 74 concept that embodies the incredible technological developments of the future while drawing inspiration from the past. ▶ Get more details about the event: ▶ Follow us on Instagram: #HyundaiReunion #HyundaiHeritage #PonyCoupe #HyundaiPony
"Convergence 2023": yachting professionals exchange insights at high altitude. This important event for captains and chief engineers of Ferretti Group yachts was held against the stunning backdrop of Courmayeur. #FerrettiGroup #KeepBuildingDreams #ProudToBeItalian 🇮🇹 #MadeInItaly #YourPrivateIsland #Convergence #Convergence2023 #Courmayeur
Watch the full presentation show of "On the Road", the Pirelli Calendar 2022 by Bryan Adams
The #DGAltaModa event is history and tale. Profound representations of Sicily and its people, the unique pieces of the Collection touch the mythical ground of the oldest heart of the city, evoking exquisite beauty, traditions and timeless Italian craftsmanship. #DGLovesSicily #DGFattoAMano #MadeInItaly #DolceGabbana 16:40 Alta Moda Fashion Show
Draw Ceremony and Gala Dinner at OGR Turin on November 11, 2021